Parasite Control

  • Product Wormout Gel 50ml (1)

    Wormout Gel


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Key Features: Effectively kills all intestinal worms including Thread Worm (Capillaria spp.) Tapeworm (Raillietina spp, Choanotaenia spp.), Roundworm (Ascaridia spp.), Caecal Worm (Heterakis gallinarum), Hook Worm (Acuaria spp.) in caged and aviary birds and pigeons. Completely safe and can be mixed with a small amount of orange juice for fussy drinkers. Recommended For:…

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  • Product Scatt 50ml



    Drop on treatment for scaly face (Knemidocoptes spp.) and air sac mite (Sternostoma spp.) in ornamental birds.

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